Max Mileage – Fuel Borne Catalyst – 16oz



Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst is a liquid fuel additive that directly improves your engine’s combustion and efficiency. Enjoy more power, smoother and quieter engine operation, less DEF consumption, higher MPGs, and fewer regens. This is a great size to start with because it contains the measuring equipment and enough fluid to get you through a couple weeks if you are professional driver.

  • It works by accelerating the burn of diesel
  • Soot emissions are drastically decreased by 60%.
  • You will notice an increase in DEF mileage
  • Max Mileage will clean your DPF whilst you drive
  • Enjoy a longer engine life.
  • This product more than pays for itself.
  • You can enjoy driving a new emissions compliant truck.

Max Mileage – Fuel Borne Catalyst – 16oz

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  • Decrease soot emissions by 60%
  • Decreased DEF usage
  • Fewer DPF regens
  • Maximize fuel economy (Our testing shows 3% to 10% increase)
  • Extends engine life
  • Prevents fuel injector deposits
  • Lower EGT (exhaust gas temperature)
  • Smoother, quieter running engine



  • Lab tested / Field proven
  • EPA registered / Made in USA
  • Can be used on any diesel engine including diesel equipped pickup trucks and passenger cars.
  • One 16oz container treats 400 gallons of diesel
  • Use one ounce for every 25 gallons of fuel
  • * No returns or refunds for this product




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Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm