Subscription Service: FAQ

We find that once you try Max Mileage products, you’ll probably stick with them. After all, they save wear and tear on your engine and reduce maintenance costs and prolong engine life. No brainer. Right?

Our subscription service is a great way to make sure that you never run out of product. You also get FREE shipping on every order.

If you are new to this product, the one gallons size is a great place to start. Brad Richmond, the owner of this site, is a professional driver. He drives five days a week and goes through a one gallon jug a year approximately. If you have any questions you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Our service sends product monthly and your card is billed automatically. The service doesn’t work with EFT payments unfortunately.

It’s super easy. You can login to this site any time to review your next shipment, upgrade/downgrade your bottle size or even pause the subscription. If you look at the bottom of this website there is a link to your login page. You will also get an email every month before we charge your card.  View Login Page Now

When you click on that link, you can login using the user/pass combo you provided when signing up.

I forgot my password OR my password isn’t working.

You can reset your password anytime. We are not able to provide any tech support for resetting your passwords. If you are having problems, just reset it.

password reset

Login to your account and click on Subscriptions and review it.
sub change

Once you are logged into the subscriptions section, you can change your shipping address.

changing address

Your purchase receipt will contain your tracking number. If you purchase from us, and you don’t see it, check
your spam folder. Search for if you are having problems. Your purchase reciept can also be viewed when you login under “orders”

I lost my purchase receipt email and need to generate a new invoice for my expense report.

It’s easy to view your purchase history when login to your account and view your order history.

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