OPS Eco -1 Starter Kit


Oil Bypass System with Line Kit, 3 filters, 2 Sample Bottles, & 2 Shipping labels.

Keep your maintenance costs low and your engine oil clean with Eco-Pur. and The Eco-Pur system is an easy to install, onboard fluid cleaning system that continuously removes both the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, allowing your engine to run with clean oil 100 percent of the time. Eco-Pur is the first and only supplemental filtration system to utilize electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process to remove contaminates from oil. This process includes high efficiency filtration, a patented evaporation process, and electronic controls to optimize and maintain the cleaning process.


  • OPS Eco-Pur
  • Filters (3)
  • Oil Analysis Kits (2)
  • UPS Mailers (2)
  • Installation Kit (Mounting hardware, All required connectors)


  • Mounting hardware
  • All required connectors

OPS Eco -1 Starter Kit

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